The Committees

These are the committees of the Board

1. Registration and Practice Committee
Chairperson: Arch. Mbabazi Verna Mwinganisa Busharizi
Member: Arch. Muhairwe Edgar
Member: Arch. Amunsimiire Kenneth
2. Disciplinary Committee
Chairperson: Arch. Golooba Edward Kayiso
Secretary:Arch. Akii MaryRose
Legal Council(Board Lawyer): Ssesaazi Mark
Member: Arch. Anguyo' oce Luke
Member: Arch. Rubongoya Patrick
3. Education Committee
Chairperson: Arch. Kabarungi Jacinta Bishanga
Member: Arch. Tukacungurwa Jesse
Member: Arch. Namuganyi Lilian
Member: Arch. Naggenda Aussumpta Musana
4. Finance and Administration Committee
Chairperson: Arch. Amunsimiire Kenneth
Member: Arch. Turyahabwe Richard
Member: Arch. Kiggundu